At Cutting Edge Physical Therapy, our goal is to transform you not only physically, but emotionally and to empower you to be able to return to participate in activities that are important to your well being.

Physical Therapy

Dr. Pauline White-De Freitas, PT, DPT
Cutting Edge Physical Therapy & Wellness

Dr. Pauline White-De Freitas, PT, DPT of Cutting Edge Physical Therapy & Wellness has been practicing for over 14 years and is one of the best physical therapists in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. Physical Therapist are Movement Scientists, a Physical Therapist may be able to treat most of your muscle imbalances & to help you get back into the activities you enjoy. Try a Physical Therapist if you are suffering from a movement dysfunction, it may change your life.



Massage and Meditation are an important factor in developing a health mental and physical well being. Your body undergoes a lot of stress during work, working out and other activities. This stress is both physical and mental and with massage and meditation you can keep your body running and feeling smooth.

Nutrition/Weight Loss Program

Nutrition is a key element when trying to lose weight. With proper nutrition, proper fitness training you can achieve the look and feel you desire. We can help you achieve the weight and health you want. Your mental and physical well being depends on what you eat and the physical activity your body undergoes.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise involves instructing a patient in specific exercises to address weakness or loss of joint mobility due to disease or injury. These exercises are designed for cardiovascular conditioning, strength conditioning, and balance.

Gait Training Exercise

Gait training is used by our Palm Beach physical therapists to help in improving a patient’s ability to stand and or walk. The goal of gait training is to minimize or prevent the risk of falls and to facilitate functional independence in walking with or without a cane, crutch or walker.

Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic activities involves the use of functional, dynamic tasks from everyday living to improve range of motion and strength. For example, overhead shoulder movement can be strengthened by reaching up to place a weighted object on a shelf.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy used by Cutting Edge Physical Therapy of Palm Beach helps to manipulate the muscles, tendons or joints via stretching or myofascial release. Manual activities cover a broad range of functional tasks.

Professional Physical Therapy

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